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Rock 'n Roll Legend Dion

Rock 'n Roll Legend Dion Dimucci (Dion & the Belmomnts):
The Man, the Message and the Music, an in-depth two hour
special edition of RC2C, featuring his personal story
(he recently celebrated 38 years in recovery), Dion's life
today, and his new CD "Bronx in Blue".
Last aired on July 4, 2006
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RC2C "On the Road"

RECOVERY-Coast to Coast recently went "On the Road,"
doing a remote broadcast from the 22nd Annual Idaho
Confernece on Alcohol and Drug Abuse at Boise State
University. Guests included a judge who runs a drug court
specificially for meth addicts, a national authority on
women, addiction and prisons, and an Idaho State
Legislator who is concerned about addiction in Idaho.
Originally aired May 16, 2006
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Joesph A. Califano, Jr.

Joseph A. Califano, President and Chairman of the Center
on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University
(CASA) discuss the recent White Paper “You've Got Drugs!” Prescription Drug Pushers on the Internet: 2006 Update
which points out that nine of 10 (89 percent) of those Web
sites selling controlled prescription drugs do not require
Originally aired May 16, 2006
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Former L.A. Dodger Maury Wills

With 17 years of continuous recovery, former Los Angeles
Dodger Maury Wills talks candidly about his decent into
addiction and his amazing recovery. From baseball to recovery,
Maury is living proof that you don't have to die for a drink
and that there is no such thing as a hopeless addict.
Originally aired June 30, 2006
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Broadcasting Legend Pat Summerall

RC2C celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of RECOVERY - Coast to Coast, being on the air 5 nights a week, 2 hours a night, dealing exclusively with addiction with a focus on recovery . . . welcoming one of America's true sports legends, former NFL player and Hall of Fame Broadcaster Pat Summerall, who shares his story of recovery, a liver transplant after some 9 years in sobriety, and gratitude at being alive today with the liver of a young teenager from Arkansas. It's a tremendously inspiring story. And in our second hour, Cathy Jean talks with Neil and Brian about her battle with addiction and her one-day-at-a-time recovery!
Originally aired October 10, 2006
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Christopher Kennedy Lawford

The son of the late Peter Lawford talks about his amazing
journey from addiction to recovery. Chris shares about his
struggle for sobriety within his famous family and how
he found the courage to not only face his addiction, but to
embrace his recovery, one day at a time. An interview
with an amazing man, who has become a national
advocate for recovery.
Originally aired December 20, 2005
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Highlight Show #8

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03/03/08 A conversation with Dr. Mark Willenbring, Director of Treatment and Recovery Research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) who discusses the latest recovery research. Also, we check in with Dr. Jack Henningfield from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Dr. Westley Clark, Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT).
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03/04/08 Tonight, RC2C heads back to Maryland for a visit with Alex Dentsman, from Kelly Productions, who distributes Fr. Martin's educational material, including videos, DVD's, audio collections and legendary books. One of the true pioneers in the field of alcoholism, Father Martin is best known for the legendary film "Chalk Talk," as well as numerous others. Neil includes several audio clips of Father Martin in the segment. Then it's over to Boston for a discussion with David Rosenbloom, the director of Join Together. We round out the hour with a look at some research about nicotine and alcohol with Dr. Sherry McKee. In the second hour, a riveting account of devastation and destruction, followed by the emergence of long term recovery, as Ruvin shares his path, his story,and his gratitude.
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02/27/08 This week is National Eating Disorders Week and RC2C heads to NYC to speak with Lynn Grefe, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association who explains the various eating disorders, the magnitude of the problem, the available treatment resources, and the reality of recovery. Then it's down to Los Angeles for a phone visit with Caitlin Scafati who is a woman in long term recovery from an eating disorder. Caitlin shares her struggles and her eventual recovery. In our second hour, Chuck Sigars, a popular local writer and newspaper columnist joins Neil and Susan Burnash in the studio to share his insightful first year of recovery, sharing the solitude and secrecy that brought him down and the miracle of recovery that has filled his life—and the lives of those around him—with openness, honesty and joy.
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02/28/08 As a part of National Eating Disorders week, we visit with author Gary Stromberg, who's book "Feeding the Fame" profiles a number of celebrities who tell their real-life stories of eating disorders and recovery, including 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, paranormalist Uri Geller and soap opera star Elisa Donovan. We also speak with researcher Barbara Flannery about a study on women and addiction, closing out the first hour with the director of Join Together, David Rosenbloom. In our second hour, a look at the devastation of addiction and the reality of recovery, as Greg Roberts shares his journey in recovery.
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02//29/08 RC2C catches up with a very funny comedian, Mark Lundholm, who is in long term recovery and takes his humor—as well as his message of hope and promise of recovery—to treatment centers and prisons, as well A-list comedy clubs around the country. He recently had his own Showtime special, has appeared on Comedy Central and is about to embark on another leg of the "Comedy Addiction Tour," which features four comedians in long-term recovery. He also wrote and starred in an off-Broadway show "Addicted: A Comedy of Substance." In addition, he has developed "Recovery: The Board Game" and has numerous DVD's. Tonight, Neil talks with Mark about the importance of humor in recovery, his own personal story, and the gift of gratitude. Neil plays a number of clips of Mark's stand-up comedy, as well. In our second hour, Marilyn, a courageous and insightful woman talks openly about her years of addiction and what eventually brought her into the light of recovery.
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